Will you guess what a Fib is ?…



Maths and Poetry : A Fib



The pines

On the ground

Counting these numbers

Numbers encountered all day long

Wheter it is in the petals of the sunflowers,

The buttercups, lillies, irises, delphiniums, asters, corn marigolds, daisies

And other flowers, seed heads, pinecones or tree branches… we can find that well-known sequence initially telling the story of two rabbits.

Sandra Zaanouni   1ère Section Européenne – Janvier 2020.



is this,

strange number

is it going to finish yet

Does this number will keep moquing us and continue

Is there someone on this planet who will finally give a term to this?

Amine Allouche – 1ère Section Européenne Octobre 2020.

You (1)

me (1)

and them (2)

we are still (3)

waiting for the thing (5)

that will bright our days forever (8)

that thing,that will incessantly make us glow and rise (13)

and that thing,my dear is called love,wich I hope to find with you and cherish forever. (21)

Inès Mabrouk – 1ère Section Européenne Octobre 2020.